Absolute dating geology


11-15 Points Major errors or omissions in analysis and interpretation in the short answer portion of the assignment. 5-8 Points Fails to demonstrate knowledge of the materials. GEO101L Lab Rubric - Module 2 Total points possible = 100 of errors in grammar and spelling. Strong sentence and paragraph structure; few errors in grammar and spelling. If an isotope has a half-life of 600 million years, how old is a rock that contains the isotope after 50% of the parent has decayed?


Geologic research and mapping requires the determinations of the ages and composition of rocks. 9-12 Points Includes some of the required components, as specified in the assignment. 13-16 Points Some significant but not major errors or omissions in demonstration of knowledge. Approaches Expectation 9-10 Points Project is clearly organized, well written, and in proper format as outlined in the assignment. Place events in order of occurrence in the respective places below. Be sure to note any unconformities and their types.

Mechanics and Writing Demonstrates college-level proficiency in organization, grammar and style.

Place events in order of occurrence in the respective places below. Be sure to note any folds, faults and unconformities and their types.



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