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The Northern Utah Treatment Resource Center sends a therapist to Logan each Thursday to complete assessments and conduct a substance abuse group for offenders residing in the Logan area.The Logan agents teach four Moral Reconation Therapy classes a week. The Re-entry Program for probationers is for individuals who are ordered to serve more than 90 days in jail.These group conditions are applied to probationers and to parolees as outlined in the linked documents below: The centers create the necessary environment for the personal growth and success of individuals on probation or parole.We are committed to providing evidence-based programs so that our clients achieve lifelong success.

Topics for younger children include personal safety and sexual abuse prevention.Group A conditions apply to offenders who committed sex offenses against children.Group B conditions apply to offenders who committed sex offenses against adults.Child Sexual Abuse Prevention education is available for schools as part of our Empowering Every BODY program.


Presentations are made to local community groups and schools in the Alpine, Provo and Nebo districts.

We understand the importance of referring the right client to the right program and thus may act as a liaison to ensure appropriate community support and treatment are provided.• Moral Reconation Therapy: This cognitive-behavioral treatment program is aimed at enhancing self image and developing improved moral reasoning.


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