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This technology, originally used to monitor unregistered vehicles, is now routinely being used by the police to locate vehicles (and their owners) that might appear on other – and often dubious – police databases.


The large-scale expansion of CCTV in recent years also poses a threat to our way of life.

For example, the police reportedly used this technology at the Notting Hill Carnival in 2016, with a view to catching criminals they thought might attend the festival.

'Smart CCTV' is also increasingly used in tube stations to identify patterns of behaviour that suggest a crime is about to occur.

Too much surveillance can fundamentally alter the relationship between the individual and the State and the experience of widespread visual surveillance may well have a chilling effect on free speech and activity.

ANPR, which has expanded enormously without any real public debate or knowledge, raises huge privacy concerns.

We are however unlikely to wake up one morning with the feeling that we are suddenly under much more surveillance than the day before.



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