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The tobacco industry also expressed concern that plain packaging would increase the sales of counterfeit cigarettes.

Roy Ramm, former commander of Specialist Operations at New Scotland Yard and founding member of The Common Sense Alliance, stated that it would be "disastrous if the government, by introducing plain-packaging legislation, [removed] the simplest mechanism for the ordinary consumer to tell whether their cigarettes are counterfeit or not." Arguments against plain packaging include its effect on smuggling, its effect on shops and retailers, and its possible illegality.

Plain packs also increased behaviours such as hiding or covering the pack, smoking less around others, going without cigarettes and increased thinking about quitting.

Almost half of the participants reported that plain packs had either increased the above behaviours or reduced consumption.



The appearance of all tobacco packs is standardised, including the colour of the pack.

The committee recommended that legislation be implemented pending the outcome of government-sponsored research on the likely effectiveness of plain packs.


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