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The announcement about her break followed on Sunday, though it remains unclear whether the two situations are related. La Plante wrote a story published last Monday, May 14, that quoted Dr.Laura as saying before a Utah appearance, “He could come back without arms, legs or eyeballs, and you’re bitching?For anyone who hasn't yet seen it, the Wikipedia entry on (not a medical) Dr. The fact that her warrior son has a my space page with hateful content is no surprise.Laura and her formative life experiences is a fascinating read and an interesting study in behavioral contrasts: That said, the sick diatribe by theophilos09 has no place on this or any other website.But back to this Indy article: I couldn't vote for my choice on who's the winner of the story because it wasn't there. It's only increased the great uncompromising divide between the conservative right and liberal left.Reality isn't that black and white, but now people have more reason to perceive it so.But that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

When La Plante called the Army about Deryk’s My Space page, it was the first they’d heard of it. Coincidentally, last week the Pentagon began restricting access on its international computer systems to social networking sites such as My Space and You Tube, citing security concerns and technological traffic jams. Com did NOT happen in a vaccuum (and we can all thank our personal clan god there is only one such little abortion from her rotting thighs we have to deal with on this planet) & echoes her own degraded moral character if we pause to consider all those cheery pornographic colour snaps of her naked, mis-shapen, flat-chested, spread-eagled sticklike body posted on the world wide web for the whole world to gawk at in Shock and Awe nearly ten years ago..problem of course is that this particular type of religious right wing zealot-hypocrite tends to have AIPAC type corporate sponsorship along with a kind of Jim-Jones cult-like following among the deluded & Dumbed Down American masses that kept her sickeningly in the Public Ear for so many years now (' What Would Moses Do...?!!!

Readers could post and see what happens -- will Santabarbarasblog censor, as does the News-Press?

I, too, stopped reading SBblog after the pro-Laura entries.

I stopped reading Santabarbarasblog after Editor Bird began gushing praise for Dr.


Laura, saying that she isn't the narrow-minded villain that her detractors make her out to be.

Then she went on News’ Bill O’Reilly show to clarify the comments.


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