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Show her proper respect and do the same for yourself. They smell fear and will instinctively use it to get take the advantage. This is about women being turned off by desperation.

They prefer a man who wants them, but can live without them if necessary.

And, throw in something relevant that you did not mention in your first note─like your family also raising bison when you were a kid growing up in Montana. If there’s a connection, make sure that you tell her that you’d like to meet her and then prepared with a suggestion for meeting before winding up the call.

4- Actively listen and synch with her energy during that first phone call. This is the moment of truth and if you follow the previous steps and share a phone vibe, you’ve just taken things from online to offline.

It’s amazing what is revealed when you put a voice to someone’s photo. If she looks like Katherine Heigl and sounds like Joe Pesci, you may not feel quite the same after a few minutes on the horn.

It happens, so don’t take it personally, and just let you heart guide you.

And just like in-person dating, you might have to keep trying before you find a relationship worth getting into.


But other than listing off our likes and dislikes — which we already had a sense of from each other’s profile information — our conversations lacked substance. Unable to say no to Rob’s face, I chose to send him a message later, telling him that I was “missing that spark” — typical protocol for rejecting someone online. Who knows if that girl in your Math 1A discussion is single in the first place or if that cute athlete at the gym is looking for a lover just as you are? Furthermore, not everyone has a bad experience like I did.Talk, dark and handsome — his profile pictures could somewhat fit that definition.After several friendly messages and texts, I was pretty excited when Rob asked to go out for some coffee.It really doesn’t matter who makes that call, as long as you get an opportunity to take the notch up the energy exchange by hearing each other’s voice for the first time. 3- Keep your note short and respond to any questions she might have included in her note.

It might be about your stated profession or where your kids from your previous marriage are living. It doesn’t matter if it’s ten minutes or two hours, you’ll know what feels right and so will she.Even if some dates didn’t work out, I gained a few extra friends along the way. It may not be Cupid’s arrow, but online dating is worth a shot.



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