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Incensed, Grand Duke Paul refused to abandon Olga, choosing instead to leave Russia.He and Olga moved to Europe, living for a time at Livorno, Italy, then Boulogne and Paris, France.In the 1915 photograph, Peter Petrovich is sitting next to Vladimir Ivanovich Derfelden, apparently a relative of Marianne's second husband, Christopher Derfelden. It seems that Marianne fell in love with one of Peter's closest friends and brother officers, Christopher Derfelden SECOND MARRIAGE Burke's Peerage indicates Marianne married Christopher Derfelden in 1912.FIRST DIVORCE Peter and Marianne did not stay married long. Surprisingly, Peter Durnovo showed little or no anger or hatred toward either of the two.Clearly, the Germans had excellent sources (spies) near the very heart of Russia's war ministry.For all practical purposes, they were stealing the Russian army's war plans right off the drawing board. Suspicious eyes began to fall upon the Tsarina -- a German princess -- and her "spiritual advisor" Gregory Rasputin.On , Olga gave birth to another little girl, who became Nataliya Pavlovna Hohenfelsen.

This must have been a crushing blow to Marianne, and it seems that she, like millions of Russians, blamed the Russian army's tremendous losses on a single man: Rasputin.

One might have expected some frostiness between the two groups of children, but in fact they got along fairly well.


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    Even though it’s obviously you, we want to think it’s really us who are bad for you.

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    Mary was looking in the mirror and suddenly saw the reflection of a scary masked guy standing behind her.

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