Dating in helsinki

Plus, I'm sure even if your Finnish is a little more than rusty, a basic translation website or dictionary will be able to navigate you through the booking process just this once.English is very widely spoken throughout Finland so I doubt language barriers are a good enough reason not to give it a go if this feels like your kind of thing.Once you've specified the date you would like to attend then all you have to do is pay the 28 euro fee* and write a little 500 character blurb about yourself (optional).

At least with speed dating you can escape if you really have to.

People often attempt to put a new spin on the old classic and so too have Kissakahvila Helsinki.

The Cat Cafe in Helsinki is now introducing a series of speed dating nights for men and women.

Hi, I was born in Taiwan, and later moved to the USA in my teens.

Currently I've been in Finland for almost a year, doing my Ph D in Kuopio.A sneak peak what is coming....dinner parties, visiting shows/art galleries, coffee meet ups, cocktail socials, etc. Happy to know what kind of events would you mostly be interested in participating?


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