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A Safe “Additional” Feature to Have Our chat monitoring feature may not be the sole reason to bring Kids Watch into your home, but it is a great safety feature to have.

Consider this statistic from the Crimes Against Children Research Center: To us, that seems like a staggering number and you don’t have to look further than reading your local newspaper to be aware just how frequently these situations can occur.

Detective Keller, in the role of Amber, sent messages to Townsend, kicking off an e-mail exchange between the two parties -- about seven messages in all, said Deputy County Prosecutor Patti Walker.

In addition, "Amber" and Townsend had a series of electronic conversations on ICQ, an Internet chat network owned by America Online that allows users to communicate in real time.

Before trial, three Spokane County public defenders made a clever motion: they sought to suppress the use of the police print-outs of the e-mail messages and ICQ chats.


After all, the judge said, Townsend chose to "communicate via e-mail and/or ICQ . "From that knowledge, it may be presumed that the defendant knew that the intended recipients of the conversation may retain and/or disseminate messages received from the defendant," the judge wrote.

"There is a fairly clear line of federal cases that points to the continued protection of personal communications, regardless of the technology at issue." But other experts disagreed.

Andrew Grosso, a Washington lawyer who specializes in Internet-related matters and who was once an assistant federal prosecutor, said that as a matter of common sense, e-mail messages are not the same as a telephone call.

"In an age where millions of e-mails are sent daily, it is unreasonable for a user to expect that a recipient will not save, transmit and/or copy an e-mail or an ICQ (chat) communication." Hannibal, one of the defense lawyers, said that if his client was convicted after trial next month, he would appeal the denial of the move to suppress the evidence.


Walker, the deputy county prosecutor, said she was pleased by the decision.

Also, since Kelly did not have a special court order allowing him to record Townsend's online messages, and because Townsend never gave his consent, the messages could not be used in a trial, they said. O'Connor of Spokane County Superior Court rejected those arguments.



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