Elisabetta canalis dating true blood star

(Spoilers – oops too late.) In her most recent interview, with ” So did she mean that the opportunity had passed and that she was moving back to Italy?


While the 'Jackass' star - who has been sober since entering rehab for drug abuse and bipolar disorder in 2008 - apparently called time on the relationship because of her love of partying in April, they have now decided to give it another chance and are on a romantic holiday together in Costa Rica.

Jimmy Fallon provided lots of laughs and tunes at tonight's Primetime Emmy Awards while TV stars graced the stage in gorgeous gowns with great-looking guys.

Between the fun star-studded opening (yes that was Kate Gosselin getting dissed) and Jimmy's farewell to 24, Lost and Law and Order, he kept the show rolling as we eagerly awaited George Clooney's humanitarian moment.

(No real offense to her English as I’ve had to speak another language out of necessity and it’s a bitch.) Elisabetta may have been vague about her plans, but somehow she hatched a classic famewhore move – a date at a Hollywood hot spot!


Only she didn’t score an A or B-lister, she was spotted out with a guy who got killed off “True Blood” two seasons ago, Mehcad Brooks.

An insider explained: ''Steve-O dumped Elisabetta over her partying.



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