Is kim kardashian dating an australian


Another source said that Kylie 'had to decide if she was prepared, with or without his involvement.'She decided she could do it alone if need be.But sources say Travis will be there for her and is 'thrilled' with the news.'But there will be no engagement.Kylie Jenner found out she was pregnant with Travis Scott's baby four months ago.According to several sources, the 20-year-old star was not planning the pregnancy and was not sure what to do as she had only been with the 25-year-old rapper for one month.



In 2002, Kim Kardashian — then an obscure heir of the late attorney Robert Kardashian and the personal stylist to singer Brandy Norwood — was in a serious, loving relationship with Norwood’s younger brother, Willie “Ray J” Norwood, also a singer.A source told Us Weekly - the outlet that broke the news of Khloe's pregnancy - on Wednesday that they are very happy.'Anyone who spends time around them, you can tell their feelings toward each other.


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