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Native-like Vo IP quality and reliability from browsers With its built-in multiple different SIP/media engines it is able to take out the most from the browsers’ Vo IP capabilities using native SIP/RTP whenever possible with a smooth failover to browser technologies such as Web RTC and Flash when needed.By using the Mizu webphone you will finally be able to offer browser based Vo IP services with the same quality as native desktop (softphone) and hardware (IP phone) based solutions.All this is covered by a simple Java Script API allowing web developers to create custom Vo IP solutions from any Java Script framework or with pure JS.A single solution supporting all platforms where Vo IP in browser is possible including Windows, Linux, MAC OSX, Android, i OS, Solaris, Chrome OS and others.The web sip client enables voice calls from/to any computer (PC, MAC, laptop, tablet, mobile), right from a webpage with complete call control such as hold, transfer, conference, record and others.It can call any other SIP phone (softphone or ip phone for free charge) or any landline and mobile number via a Vo IP service provider of your choice including your own SIP server/softswitch/PBX.

NET, JEE, Node JS, etc) and using any webserver (Apache, IIS, nginx and others).

The webphone is a self-hosted web Vo IP client, shipped with life-time license, totally controlled and owned by you.

As a cross platform Java Script SIP library, the webphone is a solution for the "Vo IP from browser" problem, using multiple different SIP/media engines targeting different platforms with the optimal solution in order to take out the most from the client side possibilities usable from the browsers, all covered with a simple to use unified API.

Included web sip engines: The "best" suitable Vo IP engine is automatically selected based on browsers/OS capabilities and server support (You can also set or prioritize the engines to be used by the configuration).

The default user interfaces are implemented as HTML/CSS which can be customized after your needs.Let your clients easily initiate new voice calls directly from your website without the need to download any software.



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