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A miscarriage when she was 25, a tubal pregnancy at 26 that destroyed one fallopian tube, and another on the other side six months later that wrecked the other tube. She could still get pregnant if we could come up with the money for an expensive IVF procedure that our medical insurance wouldn't cover and which still wasn't a guarantee, especially considering the previous miscarriage.

We were still saving for the down-payment on a house, and that would wipe those savings out.

"Fuck me, Jeremy, you don't know how much I need this," she said, spurring me on to move even faster.

Her first orgasm swept through her body when I squeezed her clit and nipple at the same time, and I nearly came from the sensation of her pulsing around me.

I dropped the last of my clothes right outside the bathroom door, and snuck in. "Yeah, babe," I said, reaching around her to squeeze her breasts, the water cascading over both of us.

It looked like she was just rinsing shampoo out of her hair, so her eyes were closed when I opened the glass door to the shower and stepped in behind her. She froze briefly, before arching her back to press her shoulders into my chest, her head against my left shoulder. I slid my hands down her ribs onto her flat stomach, gliding across the small amount of pubic hair she maintained and into her labia.

I love my wife Kassandra, better known as Kassy, with all my heart, but things in our life were feeling like that love wasn't enough.

We wanted a baby, but every effort we made seemed to end in tragedy.

" When her second orgasm hit, I was glad that I was pushing her against the wall, or she might have fallen. She then said, "Well, Kerri gets pregnant and the three of us raise our daughter or son together, all three of us. I got a judge to annul the marriage yesterday, on account of fraud.

I kept telling Kassy that I was okay if we didn't have kids or we could attempt to adopt, an option I favored given that I'd been a foster child myself until I aged out of the system at 18, but neither option was satisfactory for her and she blamed herself, no matter what I said.

Nothing I could say seemed to improve her mood, and I began to worry that our marriage would fail, if things continued the way they were going. Then, one Friday, I came home from a business trip, arriving at our apartment around .

I still hadn't come, and she pulled herself off of me, to turn around, throw one leg over my hip, reinsert me, grab my shoulders and wrap the other leg around my ass, letting me press her against the wall and continue fucking, as I supported her ass with my hands. The one feature I could always rely on to tell them apart. 'I'm so fucked,' I thought, but gave in to the sensations anyway. All three of us stayed silent, as we washed away the mess, turned the shower off, and got out to grab towels. I'm single again, still want a baby, and when Kassy told me this plan, I couldn't believe it." "I'm not sure I do," I said. " Kassy said, "It's not bigamy unless you try to get a marriage license.

'It can't get any worse,' I thought and continued thrusting. A naked Kassy stepped in and embraced us both from behind, running her hands along our sides, until she had her hands under mine below Kerri's ass, helping me to hold her up, while pushing my hips into her from behind. You don't have to marry Kerri to get her pregnant, but I do want the three of us to live together as a family.

As I began to rub her, I kissed her shoulder and asked, "Do you know how much I love you?


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