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Below are 8 parks in KL you should visit: Located right in the city centre, the KLCC Park is a beautiful place that is rich in greenery and various recreational facilities.

The park is a good spot for a temporary retreat from the city atmosphere.

For those who seek more adventure, hiking or mountain biking at Bukit Kiara is also a great option.

See also: KLCC, A Mall to Beat Them All As the first park to be built in PJ, this neighbourhood park has been catering to its neighbourhood residents for a long time now.

The park has a lake and is filled with lush greenery, shady trees, shrubs and flowers.

Providing a simple and serene atmosphere, the park is an ideal place to enjoy recreational activities such as jogging or walking around the lake, cycling, exercising and so on.

Besides that, it also has a children’s playground and picnic tables.

The park is lush in greenery with sculpted gardens and a wide array of native plants and trees.


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