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Together with community-based agencies, the schools publicize services available to victims and batterers.Potential Obstacles Because of fear or embarrassment, many students are reluctant to seek help through counseling and hotline services.Program proponents should emphasize the curriculum's value in combating violence among students.Examples of Success and Results The Dating Violence Intervention Project (DVIP) grew out of a partnership between a treatment program for batterers and a shelter for victims.Content validity was established by national expertssolicited to complete an inventory rating scale and comment on the statements' ability to elicit early adolescents' knowledge and attitudes about violence in relation-ships.The revised inventory was tested with seventh grade health education students The test-retest reliability criterion was .50.These results confirm those found in other studies and reinforce recommendations of the battered women’s movement to integrate violence-free principles into school curricula.




Key Partnerships Usually operated through a partnership with a group that assists victims of domestic violence or an agency that serves youth, the school-based programs rely on trained youth who counsel peers, operate hotlines, and deliver curriculum lessons in the classroom.The curriculum and supporting materials can inform them about available services and encourage them to approach teachers, peers, or community agencies for help.



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