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The good news is that they're all really smart and have great jobs. : I live across the country from my father, and I try to visit at least once a year.

But now I'm wondering if with a few kale smoothies we would have produced a Bill Gates or Sheryl Sandberg! In the past, I used to stay in an extra bedroom in his house, but ever since my brother remarried a much younger woman eight years ago, I'll stay in a nearby motel if they are visiting at the same time.

I know that everybody has problems and there are people out there who had it much worse than me.

But my nieces and nephews all turned out to be wonderful, smart, and caring people even though they didn't learn baby sign language.

The problem is that lately, Dad wants to know why I don't stay in his home.

I'm honestly a bit embarrassed to have to tell him I don't want to hear my brother boinking his beloved, as it doesn't seem to bother him a bit.

You could hire a social worker to help you sort through this.


Let's give Dad credit that over breakfast he doesn't say, "Can you pass the jam? " Not hearing, or pretending not to hear, is the way to go on this one.They are rather enthusiastic in the bedroom, and nothing weirds me out more than being at breakfast with my dad and hearing my brother and his wife thumping rhythmically in their room.


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