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He keeps to himself and is very shy unknown to the other two , he is very feminine and babyish but never shows it for fear of being made fun of and beaten senseless.Michael is next and he is the most weirdest headbanger you will ever meet.Managing this obstacle was no big deal for the boys as they had done this many times just to save time in running home after stealing things from other houses.


The three boys decide to try to find a way in finding the lowest part of the gate to climb over.Often mistaken for a girl when shopping alone because of no body hair at all facial nor body.Jesse is a slender 4 foot 6 inches tall , 130 pounds the petite and feminine of the three boys.Michael is 19 , short brown hair always dressing in biker style clothing and bandana.


When he is with John , oh those two by themselves are nothing but trouble. But unbeknowest to either of the other two boys wishes that he could be a female more than anything.

Michael when he is alone goes by the name of Michelle when dressed in the most feminine of outfits. Michael is hairy all on the lower parts from neck downward so he has to worry about shaving everything so that he is able to look passable as a woman.


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