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Your code might look like this: If flush() function does not work.

You must set next options in like:--[code]-- output_buffering = Off ;output_handler = zlib.output_compression = Off ;zlib.output_handler = --[^code^]--If things does not work you must view headers from the server and check `Server` string.

What I did to resolve this problem took me some time to figure out so I'd like to share what I came up with.To stop buffering you must add next string to config file:--[code]--proxy_buffering off;--[^code^]--and restart Nginx daemon.More information about configuration you find in documentation on the nginx website.' tag at the end of the page Note, that for the latter to work one should: - turn of output_buffering in and either: * turn on implicit_flush in its or, * call ob_implicit_flush(); at the beginning of a script I preferr echoing the '' tag at the end as it doesn't require any extra data to be sent over the wire and its much a neater coding technique.I had a few extra httpd_preforks processes just waiting to be used, but they just sat there.

I wasn't reading a file, locking database tables or anything that I would suspect an exclusive lock on, just outputting a bunch of text to the browser.

I even tried throttling my loops to see if it was processor related but still had problems.


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