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C., New York and Los Angeles, since it went live in May.The site, which also has a mobile version, allows users to search for their perfect Trump match by inputting their gender, age, location and favorite way to spend time.Show me yours and I'll show you mine hee-hee I have a pretty dominant personality, though i can appreciate a power struggle every now n then to keep me sharp.Ps im not just talking about sexually; within all aspects of my life.(And for even more individualistic inspiration, bookmark our entire Single Lady issue!) Some flicks celebrate friendship and the close ties between women, while some let their protagonists grapple with themselves in the middle of the wilderness alone.For Americans uneasy about the prospects of a Trump presidency, and vowing to go to Canada if he’s elected, there's another website to help.


If your cat could pay rent then you wouldn’t be complaining. But what about that guy you are seeing that lives in Koreatown and has absolutely NO parking ever by him?Takes a lot for me to actually like someone, but when I do I go all out.


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