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Season 2 deals with the impending conflict between the unifying survivor communities under Thunder Mountain, and the advancing Army of Daniel.

Although a third season was considered, series creator J.

Kurdy visits his old home, from prior to the Big Death.

Jeremiah searches for a vaccine which could inoculate against the Big Death.

Markus, the leader of the Thunder Mountain group, asks them to take up Simon's work.

Jeremiah and Kurdy meet a man who believes himself to be a superhero.


The year is 2021, 15 years after a plague has killed nearly everyone over the age of thirteen (both the event and the virus itself are referred to as "The Big Death" and "The Big D").

Aside from the names of the two main characters, the general personality of the protagonist, and the post-apocalyptic setting, there are no similarities between the comics and the series.



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