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Please make sure that package dependencies are actually correct and solve the problem, rather than hacks that do not work for everyone.I'm seriously considering switching back to plain old debian for my desktop, because every time I upgrade my ubuntu kubuntu xubuntu system something breaks, and it never did break this badly with Debian.that's ok for dumb users but not for people like me - so I will switch back to Debian.Perhaps this is a bug against pacemaker, however it illustrates a point.


Conf libnih1 (1.0.1-1 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) Conf libnih-dbus1 (1.0.1-1 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) Conf ifupdown (0.6.8ubuntu29 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) Conf upstart (0.6.5-6 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) Inst libc6-dev [2.10.1-0ubuntu16] (2.11.1-0ubuntu5 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [] Inst libc-dev-bin [2.10.1-0ubuntu16] (2.11.1-0ubuntu5 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [] Inst libdrm2 (2.4.18-1ubuntu3 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [] Inst libdrm-intel1 (2.4.18-1ubuntu3 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [] Inst libdrm-nouveau1 (2.4.18-1ubuntu3 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [] Inst libdrm-radeon1 (2.4.18-1ubuntu3 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [] Inst libpng12-0 (1.2.42-1ubuntu2 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [] Inst initramfs-tools-bin (0.92bubuntu73 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [] Inst initramfs-tools [0.92bubuntu53] (0.92bubuntu73 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [initramfs-tools on mountall] [] Inst udev [147~-6.1] (151-10 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [initramfs-tools on mountall] [] Inst plymouth (0.8.2-1 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [initramfs-tools on mountall] [] Inst libplymouth2 (0.8.2-1 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid) [initramfs-tools on mountall] [libplymouth2 on mountall] []= 2.11 (and libc6.1 on ia64, the libc6 has a different packages name on this architecture) to workaround a bug in libapt when it orders the install for essential packages (LP: #559582) This can be removed after lucid -- Michael Vogt lucid it failed and now gives a "Segmentation fault" for every command I try to use.

I somehow did get it to upgrade now:-) From my mind: * Fixed the manual installation of mountall 2.10 by re-installing 1.0 * I did run apt-get upgrade which did seem to work: sudo apt-get upgrade Reading package lists...

Done Building dependency tree Reading state information...

On a bare-metal karmic install this worked fine, and the server has returned after remote reboot.

I can reproduce the problem and it is caused by a feature in apt that tries to ensure that all important packages gets ocnfigured immediately to minimize the risks if somethng goes wrong (pkg failure, power loss etc)= 2.11) and at the point apt tries to configure it its not ready yet and the pre-configure code fails. I would not want to change this code at this point of the release though but instead add a workaround to help apt to get it right.This bug bit me with the released version of lucid, and I don't really appreciate having to spend however many hours hacking around it to fix package dependencies.



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