Cheryl hines dating bobby kennedy jr

Citing sources close to the allegedly cuckolded husband Laurence Kirwan, The Daily Mail reported the two began stepping out before he and his wife separated in July 2012.

That’s eight months after Kennedy and Hines began dating — and two months after Kennedy’s troubled second wife, Mary Richardson, hanged herself in a barn.

Hines’ 10-year-old daughter, Catherine Rose Young, served as her bridesmaid alongside Kennedy’s two daughters, Kathleen, 26, and Kyra, 18. Kennedy Jr., whose property was in the news recently when a strange man was discovered there on July 15.

According to Us Weekly the couple celebrated with nearly 300 guests, including David, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Saturday Night Live” alum Kevin Nealon and actor and noted environmentalist Ed Begley Jr.

“I come from a big family and the Kennedys are a big family,” Hines told People magazine in June. It feels fun.” Meghan Mc Cain has some advice for her future husband What Congress needs to know about Colbert’s ‘Better Know a District’ Chuck Schumer and his ‘Fam!

This could curb Cheryl Hines’ enthusiasm to marry Robert F. Kennedy may have been cheating on his fetching fiancée with Chelsea Chapman Kirwan, a Connecticut socialite and the wife of a prominent plastic surgeon, according to two published reports.

Saturday’s wedding was the second for Hines and the third for Kennedy.


Kennedy wore a black suit paired with a striped skinny tie.There was no immediate response from Kennedy to an email about the cheating charges that was sent to Riverkeeper, the environmental group he heads. Kirwan has a grown daughter from a previous relationship and three more with the doctor.“No comment,” said Ann Gurrola, a spokeswoman for Hines. “When Bobby eyeballed the woman in a hot exercise outfit at the gym, he didn’t waste a minute before putting on a full-court press to win her over to be more than just friends,” a source told the tab. He is now seeking to get a Connecticut order of protection modified so that he can see their kids, records show.The National Enquirer reported in June that Kennedy had been seeing a shapely brunette on the side but did not identify her by name. “Bobby got her to give him a lift home in her fancy convertible, and from there he convinced her to hook up with him.” Bobby, the 60-year-old son of slain Sen. Available records did not explain why such an order was in place, only that the case was supposed to be heard July 22.


The doctor is a Brit, his wife is a Texan, and neither warring Kirwan could be reached.

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