Updating in hibernate

This problem was the bane of my existence when I first started using Hibernate because I had no idea where the problem was coming from.

If you’re executing a query and finding that you have a bunch of duplicate records and haven’t a clue why, then you’re in the right place.

see section 13.4 of the Hibernate Reference manual for an explanation of performing such updates.

example: Session session = session Session(); Transaction tx = session.begin Transaction(); String hql Update = "update Customer c set = :new Name where = :old Name"; // or String hql Update = "update Customer set name = :new Name where name = :old Name"; int updated Entities = s.create Query( hql Update ) String( "new Name", new Name ) String( "old Name", old Name ) .execute Update(); tx.commit(); session.close(); Hi,i am new to this forum, I given try to this this is not wotking,i am getting the below problem "org.hibernate.query Exception : Query must be bign with Select or From ...." . pls tell me how to solve this problem .i dont know why i am facing this problem.


You can resolve this problem, if you are using batch processing with Hibernate. In this example, if a ‘Stock’ is saved, all its referenced ‘stock Daily Records’ should be saved into database as well. Stock Daily Record sdr1 = (Stock Daily Record)session.get(Stock Daily Record.class, new Integer(56)); Stock Daily Record sdr2 = (Stock Daily Record)session.get(Stock Daily Record.class, new Integer(57)); Stock stock = (Stock)session.get(Stock.class, new Integer(2)); Stock Daily Records().remove(sdr1); Stock Daily Records().remove(sdr2); Or Update(stock); Further study – Cascade – JPA & Hibernate annotation common mistake.



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