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Phone numbers beginning with 08 will always be free to call. We’ll highlight the phone numbers included on a standard UK mobile plan and discuss the phone numbers which will result in extra charges.Finally, we’ll present some tips on how to get the best value for money when calling a number in each category. In the UK, landline telephone numbers all begin with 01 or 02.The solution could be to walk, ride a bike or hop on a scooter for the school run.Even if you do all you can to avoid spending money, there will always be things you need to buy, such as groceries.It’s possible to shave some of your costs by changing your habits here too.For a start, don’t fall into the convenience store trap.

✔ Pay Standard Rates or Use Inclusive Minutes UK Landline Rate (Non-Geographical Number).

Likewise, the habit of picking up a bar of chocolate when you queue for your newspaper may have started as a one-off, but now you don’t give it a second thought.


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