Ps3 crashes when updating gta 5 wot updating tankers

Have you noticed any other changes with today’s update? Hi:) I am at my wits end with this issue and apparently so are alot of other people.My son has a ps3 and he had been playing GTA 5 online perfectly until.... drop bags of money out the sky , Im talking 30 million plus--- my son grabbed it all and then 2 days later gets stuck in the loading screen loop and will go no furthur. we just deleted the file you said to delete and reinstalled the game--- when it got to the loading story mode it once again went into the loop as before. I have read all the advice and tips online and nothing works. That's because, following the 1.16 patch released on August 19 (the flight school update), the system will no longer have enough space to store future updates and content, which must be installed to play GTA V's online multiplayer mode.

(The launch models carried 20GB and 60GB hard drives, actually.) In fact, it first debuted in Europe in 2012, before then being released in North America last year.

Anyone---please for the love of gamers tell me what to do so he will leave me be lol.

At first, the Black Ops 1.04 patch seemed like a godsend.

The issues apparently occur when attempting to complete the first mission where you drive around as Franklin, but can happen at any point during the mission and entirely at random.

“There is no precursor for the game locking up,” complains one gamer.

Users must then delete any marketplace data from their storage system items and unplug the console for three minutes thereafter.


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