Diablo 3 profile not updating

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I vaguely remember that World of Warcraft armory updates every time you log out, does Diablo 3 work the same way because it doesn't seem like it.

Top 1000 characters are updated automatically every few hours. No, we update every character periodically, you don't have to do that.

But if you want a faster update, just press "Update Now" button.

We would like to combine those two and have the game intelligent use the more up to date one when available. After looking at reports and testing it seems the underlying functionality is working correctly but the feedback in the user interface is inadequate.

Patch 2.3: What is currently live: Functionality of View Profile and Inspect have been merged.

In the game you explore a small home by clicking on items that you find in the different rooms while trying to piece together a story.

Welcome to the trophy guide for Shadwen, a medieval-era stealth-action game from Frozenbyte.

In the game you play as Shadwen, a female assassin on a mission to kill the king, who encounters a young girl named Lily who accompanies her on her travels.

To summarize: Before Wyatt’s explanation, there was a lot of speculation that Blizzard had removed the feature to keep players from being so nosy, and peeping players, then kicking them immediately if their gear/build didn’t measure up to the highest standard.

Good to know that’s not the case, and that vigilante elitism is still fully supported in MP games?

If the other person is not in range, you get the same information as View Profile before.



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    The Hokachu bike will now be available for Clay to transport to you or can be found parked near a safehouse.

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