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In a typical bit of showmanship he once invited members of an audience to identify the television commercials associated with various extracts of classical music.

"The prize," he announced "is a Porsche." When they duly did so he was triumphant: "We don't recognise yet how popular classical music is." The new station soon had five million regular listeners, twice as many as Radio 3, though Bukht liked to claim his real target was Radio 4 (in 1994 he notched a notable victory when the entire panel of Gardeners' Question Time defected to him).

“The elephant in the room for the DNC isn’t Trump or the GOP or Bernie bros or Russian hackers; it is its own elitist, corporatist, cronyist, corrupt system that consistently refuses to listen to the will of the people it hopes to represent,” Mc Clennen wrote.

Bukht cut his teeth in the media business in the 1970s as the first controller of Capital Radio, which he developed into the most successful commercial radio station in Europe.

But many in the media apparently didn’t want anyone to pay too much attention to this.

“For Sanders supporters, the lawsuit provides an opportunity for vindication for being cheated and attacked by the Democratic establishment,” Observer reporter Michael Sainato wrote.

Bukht was not a musician and his pronouncements on classical music generated considerable indignation among those who preferred what he derided as Radio 3's "white tie and penguin suit" approach.In the 1990s he applied the populist principles he had imbibed to the presentation of classical music, delivered until then primarily on Radio 3.



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