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we have managed to find our that our maternal grandmothers' family originated in Tipton and wondered if anyone could help us with any info.I am currently studying with the University of Aberdeen and concentrating on the Highland clearances.Dear Editor, Do you know if anyone has researched the 'Hingley' family? There is an article on the web which says that there were only 705 Hingley's in the UK in 1881, scattered over Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, so I would imagine all the Black-country Hingley's are related.My Great-great-grandmother was a Sarah Ann Hingley (born about 1837), who married Benamin Marston in 1861. I have a cassette tape of the Black-country night out show with Ray Hingley, the comedian.Also, I would appreciate any further information on clearances in the region.Dear Editor, My cousin and I are researching our family history, she lives in Detroit USA and I am in Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands.


I know there were huge enclosures of land in England and some of these took place on the Earl of Stafford's land, he practised there and honed it to perfection in the Highlands, where ultimately they cleared 60,000 people from Sutherland.

They may have already found a way round or through your personal wall.


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