What to expect dating someone with bipolar disorder

This takes time and energy from the individual and can lead to higher levels of stress.Depression and mania can cause one’s perception of the world to change dramatically. When the medications start to balance out and things begin to stabilize, the individual may again see things through a more normal lens.Part of what makes bipolar so scary is that it takes an enormous amount of work to manage, and “an enormous amount of work” is almost impossible for someone very ill with bipolar.Therefore, recovery is a long, hard road, save for a lucky few who respond to medication immediately and beautifully.


One year after that, my husband came home after work, sat down at the kitchen table, and told me he wanted a divorce. A few months after that, he was diagnosed with Bipolar 2, and our marriage was in for a hell of a ride.

This means a huge part of bipolar is that, when your loved one most needs help, your partner will be least likely to look for it or accept it.



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