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After the one terabyte threshold is met, customers will be charged for every subsequent 50 gigabytes of data usage.A Cox spokesperson said "the generous plan" will not affect most of the company's residential users as "only 2 percent of Cox subscribers are using more than a terabyte of data per month."Other internet providers including AT&T, Com Cast and Century Link are also setting data caps for residential subscribers.----------------------------------To read the Advocate's original article click here.With more and more households piling on internet data usage devices , phones, tablets, video streaming services and even household pet surveillance systems, internet service providers will begin finding ways to charge for the increased data overloads.In an interview earlier this year, Cox CTO Kevin Hart noted that the MSO’s 10-year network transition plan includes “hallmarks” such as DOCSIS 3.1, node 0 (fiber deep) architectures and, eventually, Full Duplex DOCSIS, an emerging technology that will enable MSOs to deliver multi-gigabit symmetrical speeds over HFC.RELATED: Cable Tech at a Crossroads (subscription required) “Starting right now and into next year, DOCSIS 3.1 is high on our radar, so we’re making great strides with the testing, deployment and trials of 3.1,” Hart said at the time.RELATED: Cox Extends Usage-Based Data Trial to More Markets Cox said that 98% of its high-speed Internet customers do not come close to exceeding their monthly data limits.


Shot live at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino this special is packed with hilarious sketches that will leave you in stitches and remind you why people all over the world can't get a enough of Jeff Garcia!Currently, Cox sets that monthly data ceiling at 1 terabyte for most of its speed packages, and sets it at 2 TB for customers on its 1 Gig “Gigablast” tier.


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