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Its lightweight fit means it’s good for to wear over a T-shirt when it’s not quite summer, and thin enough to layer up with when we’re deep in winter.

Knitted and manufactured, it avoids the wool removal process of mulesing, which is condemned by animal welfare charities.

It also has two charity partners, to which 10 per cent of its profits are given.

As you’d expect at this point, the menswear range isn’t huge, but each of its relaxed, pleasingly simple designs feature the Bear logo.

Buy now A newcomer to the scene, Absolutely Bear was founded in London just last year.

All of its suppliers are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, which works to ensure garment workplace conditions are up to scratch, and a number of its pieces use organic materials.

And what’s more, sustainably sourced materials, such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo, will provide that longevity, as well as those soft, durable, breathable qualities you need.

Its weight and thickness means it’s best-suited to colder weather (and who knows how long it will be until summer finally shows up? It’s made by Creative Handicrafts, a Mumbai-based social enterprise that aids disadvantaged women. Buy now “We’re not trying to work towards sustainability, our business is built on it.” So reads the Rapanui website, and they mean it literally – the brand’s Isle of Wight factory is wind-powered.

It focuses on technology to cut down on costs, both financial and environmental, such as its own low-waste printing process.

The women’s collection is much larger, but there are still some great pieces to be found within the small yet varied menswear section, which is limited to tops and bottoms.


Indy Best pick: Cole Corduroy Shirt in Black: £59, People Tree Ain’t no shirt comfier than a corduroy shirt, and that’s why we’ve chosen this.

Indy Best pick: Choose Love T-shirt: £19, Teemill With a twist on the fashion designer Katharine Hamnett’s “Choose Life” slogan from the Eighties, around a quarter of the proceeds of this T-shirt go to the charity Help Refugees, which provides emergency aid and support to people affected by the refugee crisis.


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