Rules for dating a vegetarian

All that you can really do about that to make yourself feel better is to understand that it's what he's grown up with and into. You have no idea how good it feels to get a little support about this!He has a choice about his actions, but he's living in a sick culture in which it is considered acceptable and natural to hunt. None of my friends and family understand and they all think that my asking him to stop would be inconsiderate, but there's nothing wrong in his asking me to be ok with his hunting.

basically you can do whatever you want, provided you play nice and obey the Terms of Service.)Oh, and this site is just one of over 260 sites in Passions Network. ) If you’re new to Vegetarian Passions, please review the rules for New Chat Visitors.But perhaps some of you might have ideas for comprimises?What would be fair for me to ask and what would be pushing it too much?The more time I spend exposed to his family and this way of life, the more disgusted I become with the concept of hunting.


Everytime he goes, I cry on-and-off for the whole time that he's gone. I do wish he would stop, but it wouldn't be fair for me to ask it of him, so I haven't, but I have explained to him how it makes me feel.

Hunters at least understand where meat comes from and they confront it head-on. I have no ideas for compromises in this situation because I can't imagine one that would go anywhere near alleviating how you said you feel in paragraph two.


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