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The Aquis Small Second, Date model ties in with the redesign overhaul introduced to the Aquis line this year.

The horns and bracelet are thinner, giving the case a more slender profile.

It will be interesting to see if their coverage and the very appearance of a vintage second generation GS chronometer on Antiquorum heralds a new era of popularity for vintage GS'.

In a couple of years people may very well be looking back to the good old days where a vintage GS chronometer could be had for under 3K!

In 1963, the IOC formalized Hattori as timer of the Games.

It was a huge success for the Japanese company: not only no single issue occurred during the event, but also, the 1964 Games were the first Games to rely on quartz-based systems for timing (ref. In the middle of the 1960’s, the Geneva and Neuchâtel Observatories contests competitions of chronometry were another opportunity for K.

Nickel second hand with applied Super-Lumi Nova® on one side Blue or black rubber strap with Oris-developed safety anchor and quick adjust, sliding-sledge folding clasp with extension.

Hodinkee, the world's leading online wristwatch magazine, published a report on a Grand Seiko 5277 Chronometer offered for sale on Antiquorum's Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces 2011 auction in New York. Things to look out for are condition of the medallion (often missing or damaged), the correct crown and possible redials.


The Aquis Small Second, Date will retail at CHF 2,200 on a strap and CHF 2,400 on a metal bracelet. Nickel hour and minute hands filled with Super-Lumi Nova®.The finish is inspired by the Art Deco movement, which currently enjoying a revival, as are the watch’s slim-line, rose gold-plated hands and indices.Under the dial the watch is powered by the Oris Caliber 737, a chronometer-certified movement based on Sellita’s SW 200-1.Earlier this year, Oris announced the next generation Aquis and introduced a series of time and date models.

The new version of their diver’s watch was an immediate success.

Now, why would Seiko be appearing on Antiquorums Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces auction in the first place - is it because vintage GS are now considered Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces in their own right, following the expansion of the line from Japan-only to global...


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