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The largest herd, currently numbering about 450 animals, is located near Delta Junction.Smaller herds have been established by translocation from the Delta herd to the Farewell, Chitina River, and Copper River areas.Hunting free-ranging, wild plains bison in Alaska is one of the most unique big game hunting opportunities on the continent.Many people incorrectly assume that hunting bison is easy.In addition, as with many other types of hunting, hunters must obtain landowner permission to hunt on private or otherwise restricted lands.


Other private property boundaries may be difficult to identify.

However, hunting these animals can be more complicated than hunting other Alaska big game.

Bison are herding animals, with massive bodies, and they can be difficult to kill.

Before a hunter takes a shot, it is his or her responsibility to be sure they can make a clean and accurate shot.


Alaskan game animals will quickly die when both lungs and/or heart are hit by a bullet or arrow.1.

The objective of every conscientious hunter is to kill an animal as quickly as possible to avoid its suffering and to insure the highest quality meat.


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