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With 312 spacious sites on 70 acres, this KOA offers the best in family, group and big-rig RV camping.

Explore San Francisco, then relax in the country at KOA, just 34 freeway miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge and minutes from local wineries and breweries.

The friendships you make and the bonding that takes place will be fuel for the fire in your soul for a long time to come. You feel more like the powerful child you once were. You know the callings in your heart and stop doubting yourself.

You will feel free, alive, and complete in your power by the end of our time together and I will be guiding you and our intimate group of sisters the entire way. Wielding the Sword Kundalini Shaking, Dancing, Moving Power of 4 elements water, fire, air, earth Taking off the masks and false appearances Barefoot, fire dancing, star catching, fear burning Attuning to natural rhythms and cycles Kali Ma, Durga, Creator/Destroyer Personal anger and the rage of women throughout lifetimes Re-membering who you were before life began to tell you otherwise You will leave this retreat…More empowered, More alive, More on purpose, More fierce, More confident, More trusting, More expressed, More real, More you, More open, More unapologetic, More badass, More MORE MORE. Wild Woman Retreat is an invitation to RECLAIM your wild, natural, instinctual, powerful nature. It’s time we feel the wounds, the scars, and the trauma and scream it into the night.

We will also have a scotch tasting bar at the event.


You can bring pets along, and the site is family friendly.

Don’t be too pretty, don’t be too messy, don’t speak out of turn. We drive down the gravel road, past the fruit trees and rows of flowers to arrive at the most luxurious handmade sanctuary.

As women, we were told not to talk too loud and not to take up too much space. IMAGINE driving up the coast with a handful of your new Wild Woman sisters arriving at the private entrance to our totally isolated farm.

Time and time again we’ve been squeezed into a box and we’re longing to break free. The Wild Woman Retreat is a deep dive nourishing retreat into rediscovering your power, your strength, your confidence, and your resilience through engaging with the Wild Woman. We leave San Francisco at pm on Thursday and return before 3pm on Sunday.

When we ignore this wild aspect of ourselves, we end up depleted, exhausted, burnt out, and longing for MORE.It’s a call to come back home to the earth and to yourself. You were into the spiritual “woo” before most of your friends. It happened for you first so that you can hold that torch high for other women to walk this wild, awakened path too! The bell has sounded and we’re all being asked to wake the fuck up, paint our faces, and dance around the fire. It’s time we rise up and out of the tiny boxes we’ve been squished into our entire lives. This isn’t for everyone, but you’ll know if it’s for you.


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