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Police who had raided the 43-year-old bit-part actor’s West London home as part of an international criminal investigation are said to have found 1,200 indecent images of children on a computer. Nor did he attend his funeral or his memorial service — despite assurances by the police that he would be treated sympathetically if he handed himself in.

Rather than face the music or argue his case in court, Adam chose to run, leaving a note telling his parents he would not be able to contact them ‘for quite some time’. Some six years on, even the death of his mother has not brought him forth.

Larry and his family and Charlotte have since returned to Britain. Drawn up in 1997, since Adam’s arrest and disappearance the will has not been amended in any way.

Because, as the Mail can today reveal, not only had Joy vowed to stand by her youngest child, but to the day she died she was convinced that Adam would one day return.‘She never, ever thought he was dead,’ Betty Westbroek, her first cousin, told me this week.

‘Joy once told me that she strongly believed he was still alive. I don’t know why, but I would know.” ’It is thought that Adam’s disappearance was no midnight flit, rather a carefully planned escape made possible by the lengthy delays during the original police investigation into his alleged crime.

Adam, a chubby-faced Old Harrovian, was first questioned by police in June 2003.

Two years ago, Ally Barker, 28, joined the staff as a math teacher and became fast friends with her more senior colleague. In November, Steifer even changed his relationship status on Facebook to reflect that he and Barker were dating, and earlier this year, he decided to propose at school on Valentine’s Day.‘I pretty much figured that we met because of that school, we became friends because of that school, we fell in love because of that school, so it made sense,’ he said.

Then sometime last year, Barker and Steifer began dating. Speaking to ABC News, the groom-to-be said he knew his students have been suspecting that he and Barker were in a relationship, and some have even looked them up on Facebook.'There would be a brave kid that would make some comments like, “I heard you and Miss. Fellow fifth-grade teacher Kristine Gillespie had her phone camera at the ready when on February 14, Jason Steifer stood before his class, with Ally Barker at his side, and asked if they heard a rumor about him and ‘Miss Barker dating.’ All the students raised their hands.‘The answer is yes, we are dating,’ Seifert said, causing a pandemonium of whoops and cheers to erupt.

His absence has prompted some to speculate whether he is in fact still alive.

Until then, Adam had been answering the terms of his bail.

But it appears that he had also been using the ten-month hiatus to plan his next move.

The proposal was recorded on video and posted on You Tube, showing Jason Steifer getting down on one knee before a stunned Ally Barker, eliciting squeals of delight from their overjoyed students witnessing the romantic gesture.

And in case anyone was wondering, Steifer's Valentine said 'yes.' Steifer, 39, has been teaching science at Harry Russell Elementary School in West Carrollton, Ohio, for 17 years. "’Steifer and Barker made no secret of their blossoming romance, openly sharing photos on social media depicting the happy pair posing up with family.

After all, dozens of men caught up in Operation Ore, the international crackdown on those downloading child porn from the internet, have since taken their own lives.


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