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(Must install main version first, then overwrite the esp file with this) If anyone discovers any bugs or problems then please try and let me know which dialogue option you chose to initiate sex, There are a lot of dialogue routes through this mod, so narrowing down where any problems can be found in bug reports will help a lot.

All feedback (good and bad) is appreciated and will be listened to.

Just to let everyone know, a new version of this mod is on the way, hopefully to be released this weekend as a separate mod to this one (in the new one your chat up lines don't always work, so I will leave this as just a way to start sex via dialogue).

Features of the new mod (Sex Lab Romance) include the chance of success being determined by your speechcraft, your character level, major quests that you have completed, your standing within the hold (Thanes get more action), The social position of the NPC you are hitting on, if they are married or not, if they are seeing someone else (Skyrim rather sweetly calls it courting!

), your respective races (sorry cats, but if you aren't trusted enough to be let into the cities then those humans are not going to be too keen to put out), NPC sexuality (straight, gay, bi) and a few other things.

You will be able to adjust the difficulty of both the chance of success, and also be able to turn off some features like sexuality and race checks.

That should be all you need to use the mod, so let me just give you the download link and away you go.



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