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Katrina Bowden was born on September 19th 1988 in Wyckoff, New Jersey.

She attended Saint Thomas More School in Midland Park, NJ for her grammar and middle school education, before moving on to Immaculate Heart Academy.

While she was at school, Bowden was an honor student, and managed to gain a number of small acting and modeling jobs, mainly starring in music videos.

However, after only a couple of episodes, she had to leave the show due to acquiring the role of the airhead secretary Cerie on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock.

The Tony-winning actress plays the mother of Skyler Gisondo‘s character, who brings home a stripper played by Katrina Bowden.

's Katrina Bowden scored a new husband over the weekend—AND some serious bling.

actress wed her longtime beau, musician Ben Jorgensen, on Sunday (May 19) in a rainy ceremony at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Kristin asks Skyler if he is using protection and totally embarrasses him. Set on the Gold Coast of Long Island, centers on Hardy Buchanan (Gisondo), a senior at an elite private school who struggles to support his unstable mom (Chenoweth).

Desperate to make some quick cash, he enlists the help of Bo (Bowden), a beautiful runaway, and together they devise an unconventional plan of profiting off of the wayward teens at Hardy’s school.

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From : The couple wrote their own vows to recite in front of their 127 guests, and Ben created a special slideshow/video presentation to show at the rehearsal. Would you want Katrina Bowden's majorly bling-y wedding ring?



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