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Of the 27 people who were polled about their plans for Halloween, 19 of them said they were going to dress up […] The Oswego State men’s hockey team won their first game of the season against Elmira Saturday night.

Y.– Finding a way home for Thanksgiving Break can be stressful for students without a means of transportation.

[…] by Briana Watson OSWEGO, NY – On Wednesday October 25th, the College Republicans Club at SUNY Oswego put up a 8-foot beach ball in front of Penfield Library to promote free speech.

The beach ball was used as a medium to encourage students to write anything they wanted whether they were political views or their […] By Renee Dunn OSWEGO, N.

Just under a minute later, yet another Laker scored their first […] By Michael Allchin OSWEGO, N.

Y.– SUNY Oswego’s Campus Technology Services hosts Cyber Awareness Month in the month of October.

is now encrypted, except for our Electronic Reading Room, to assure visitor confidentiality.



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