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People are happier and laugh 50% more when talking to a friend face-to-face.Also, people find that the most satisfying relationships are with a handful of close friends, with an 'outer ring' of 10 significant others."One reason for this is that the majority of processing is done by our vision and we are heavily dependent on sight.


The reason is, no amount of virtual friendships will ever prepare us for direct interaction with others.And yet, we keep chatting with our virtual friends on social networking sites almost on a daily basis, instead of nurturing real friendships.A recent survey concluded that virtual friends don't count.For instance, Nicole videochats with her best friend who stays in Australia, at least once every week, if not more.


She also keeps in touch with other close friends, via phone.

"It is also possible that most people who are comfortable making friends virtually do so because it gives them an option of avoiding face-to-face (FTF) contact with others.


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