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A woman in a club alienates two men by discussing breastfeeding causing cracked nipples and a child's explosive diarrhea; another man walks away when he sees her wedding ring.

A middle school girl shouts at her mother, yelling that mom is sleeping with a classmate's father and the girl stomps away.

A little girl cries when she is dropped from her soccer team.

A woman jokingly says that her toddler is a killer.

A mother and her 12-year-old daughter in a sauna wear large white towels that bare their shoulders.

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A woman drives fast and an open Tupperware container of food is thrown into her face; she drives onto the sidewalk and tears off a side view mirror from a car she passes.

A woman drives fast and erratically, nearly hitting a few cars and a truck in two scenes. While drunk, three women beat up a cardboard display image of a happy housewife.

A woman touches a man's arm and tells other women that he has a hard body. A woman in a school assembly says that she likes her nanny better than she likes her husband.

Women hug and a woman accidentally touches another woman's breast (the second woman moves away).A woman pulls the hood of another woman's hoodie up and tells her it is like the foreskin of an uncircumcised man (please see the Profanity category for more details) as the first woman rubs the hood around and pulls it up and down; the woman wearing the hoodie takes it off and says that she will never wear it again.


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