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Cruise also sued Chad Slater (aka Kyle Bradford), a gay porn actor and "erotic wrestler" who had been quoted in an interview with Actustar, a French fan magazine, saying he had an affair with Cruise.After being served with Cruise's lawsuit, Slater said that the interview had been fabricated by the magazine, and the magazine published a retraction.I'd glean information from them and I'd use that... "Everything fell into place" when Cruise was converted to Scientology, at the urging of his then-wife Mimi Rogers."Many people had tried to teach me, but no-one had taught me how to learn or how to study", until he used L.In a 1999 column, Roger Ebert complained that he was asked -- and refused -- to sign a pre-interview contract detailing what he could and could not ask in an interview with Cruise.In 2004, a Boston Globe reporter wrote that before he could chat with Cruise, he had been similarly required to sign a form stipulating that "neither Artist nor the Interview will be used or referred to in a derogatory manner".


Cruise says he was diagnosed as dyslexic at seven, and tried to hide his learning disability from the other children at school.AKA Thomas Cruise Mapother IVBorn: 3-Jul-1962Birthplace: Syracuse, NYGender: Male Religion: Scientology Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Matter of Dispute Occupation: Actor Party Affiliation: Democratic Nationality: United States Executive summary: Flamboyant Scientologist Tom Cruise is one of the most popular movie stars in world history, with films grossing nearly three billion dollars.


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    However, it’s possible and we’re going to explain you how. Obviously, you might say that all the comments and testimonials are fake.

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    He rejects 27 of them because they claimed to have observed the Moon after the time of moonset or similar problems, but he (somewhat generously in my opinion) gives the remaining 11 the benefit of doubt.

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    They may hide their passion for high heels and stockings, their obsession with feet and toes, large breasts or even the desire to be a cuckold.

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    RELATED: TRENDING LIFE & STYLE NEWS THIS HOURDating with OCD can create obstacles, not just because many associate the term with a quirky affinity for keeping things extremely clean or organized — for example, the person with color-coded socks.

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    Everlasting love is a goal, and it should be treated like one.” (Pg.

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    We are unclear as to what precautions we can take now.

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    They assume a girl would stare back, flirt, get closer, and in one swift move, just back away all of a sudden and pretend like nothing ever happened. Have you ever got really close to a girl, only to be thrown to the floor a few weeks later because she either starts ignoring you or tells you she never did really *see you as anything more than a friend*? [Read: 15 reasons why nice guys lose the girl and finish last all the time!

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