Stop vuze from auto updating

the DHT Tracker shows 'not allowed' for the torrent. You cannot combine different versions (with different hashes) of a torrent into one torrent. All ports are suitable for use with u Torrent, unless you are running a program that is using the port. A high ratio of seeds to leechers (Eg 2000 seeds to 10 leechers) will make a big difference in speeds.Before: Only one tracker under Trackers After getting the same torrent from (a site that consolidates multiple trackers into one torrent file) Many tracker servers! Now the question: how do you find more torrents of the same kind? This is why we are using this hash to get the exact same torrent with hopefully more unique trackers. provides free utilities to make this step as easy as cake. TCP Optimizer Main Window Steps to optimize your internet connection. Some recommend a port number more than 1024, but it does not matter as long as the port is not used by any other program. Make sure there is a green light at the bottom or check the possible causes.One more thing - it has been reported that reinstalling the network driver has made speed differences for many people.To reinstall, go to Control Panel, Network Connections and locate your network connection - most of the time it should be "Local Area Connection 1".


It shows how to battle ISP's throttling bittorrent speed, optimize download speed and other ways to speed up utorrent and increase utorrent download speed. The information here is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Torrent Guide/ Translate the language of this guide to German / Italian / etc: You can also print this guide. Com utilize a print friendly CSS, so go to Print Preview in your browser to instantly see how the page will print without the borders and comments.

The patchers above are known to trigger anti-virus alerts. The alerts are triggered due to the patcher making changes to the way Windows works hence making the anti-virus software suspicious.

The configuration part is where most people mess up.

Most of us will just click through the dialogs accepting the default values.

This may apply to some of us, but not the majority.


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