Updating from mac 10 1 5 to


I have an i MAc (Snow Leopard) and when I try to copy videofiles over on my external harddisk: La Cie Rugged (large mov.files for ex.


As simple as this task sounds, it’s not very straightforward for inexperienced users.

Let’s take a look at them: Mac OS X’s native file system is HFS (also known as Mac OS Extended), and it’s the only one that works with Time Machine.

But while HFS is the best way to format drives for use on Macs, Windows does not support it.

What is it about advice to reformat in order to allow swapping of files between Mac and windows oh and then you still can’t do it?


There is a program that works with mac OSX Lion and reads and writes to NTFS formatted drive.

I just got a Seagate Go Flex Desk External Drive, and after reading your article, I tried to format it for Ex Fat but got an error: Invalid Option. They say “Reformatting a drive in Ex FAT is something that we don’t support.



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