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In hindsight I realize I walked away from a lot of money that was rightfully mine.” Today she advises women to do better for themselves and their kids.

There are pros and cons to keeping the house in the divorce. However, there are lots of very good reasons to let your marital home go — whether to your ex, or to sell it on the market.

“If she cared about me, she wouldn’t have done that.” “She disrespected me when she did that.” We hear women say things like this all the time, and it’s almost never true – but these kinds of assumptions are the source of many lesbian relationship problems.

Often, both members of a couple feel alone and mistreated, trapped in their own version of events, rather than really seeing and hearing each other.

(See below) She could be cute, hot and a great person. Because great as those are, none of those things mean that you and she are compatible for the long haul. None of us is born knowing how to have a happy, healthy, lasting relationship, and most of us didn’t learn it from our parents, either!

You could have a magical, heartfelt connection and amazing chemistry. Check out our book Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love for more info on how to avoid this and other common lesbian relationship problems, or take the ground-breaking online course The 12-Week Roadmap To Conscious Lesbian Dating and lasting Love. Who needs any of that when you’re in a good relationship, right? Sacrificing yourself or changing your life for your girlfriend creates all kinds of lesbian relationship problems.

Either get some help changing it, or end it for both of your sakes.

And if you find yourself continually drawn to female fix-it projects, take the 12-Week Roadmap class to shift your attraction patterns.

Seriously, a relationship with this dynamic will be bad for both of you.Each woman is a separate universe, and loving someone means getting curious about how things are on her planet.You can’t know why someone does what she does, or how things feel to her, until you’re able to ask her – and then listen open-heartedly.Someone wise said, “Assumptions make an ASS of you and me.” They were right!

Learn how to recognize and dismantle your habitual stories and assumptions, and ask questions instead.We wonder if handing out birth control pills and condoms will reduce unwanted pregnancies. We have trained our daughters that their sexual purity is for sale to the first boy who says “I love you.” Our daughters have traded their priceless virginity for nothing more than a cheap compliment from a horny teenage boy. Our daughters are the priceless treasures of the King of All Kings.


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