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Both Paul and Lori echo Risso’s thoughts and agree upon the importance of sex in a marriage.“Sex does good things for our bodies, minds, emotions and our relationship.It gave her energy for the day, brightened her mood, and connected her in rather intimate ways with her husband of thirteen years, Jeremy, 32.As the couple got married fairly young, Lucy continues to study hard in college, but often tired between school and her day job, so she heads to bed early and is usually fast asleep before her husband joins her.

“Sure, I have learned to forgive him as per my sessions in church counselling and maybe I can blame myself for being too busy to attend his needs, but I just don’t feel connected to him any longer.

The dynamic duo believe that if the relationship is already a mess like in the case of Jennifer and Scott, not wanting sex in a marriage is an understandable reaction.

“If the relationship is decent [though], I don’t see why not wanting sex could be anything other than an indication of a problem,” Paul says; as wife, Lori adds, “I would think it is a sign that there is some problem, personally or relational.” Lori shares that even though sex is one of the several aspects of a marriage, when you start seeing all the other areas like communication, couple time, and overall touch and other intimate attributes starting to slide, sex is not far behind.

“Sex holds many different meanings to individuals and the only people that can determine whether or not a marriage is healthy with or without sex are the couples that are in that very marriage.” Paul and Lori Byerly of The Marriage Bed, in Deer Park, Washington, are Christians teaching married couples that sex is good and important in a devout marriage.

The two share how couples should take a look at the health of a relationship as a good early warning barometer to avoid becoming another statistic in the silent epidemic.

If the one who wants sex can get past not having it, a similar relationship is possible.



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