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And that then kind of directs peoples’ attention to traits that might be desirable that they usually don’t go for – or puts them on alert for traits that are not good for them that they've had in the past.Audrey Hamilton : This leads into what you’re talking about the three wishes within which you’re choosing someone to be with. You know, is there not one perfect person for everyone, that fairy tale romance? You never know what the evidence is against it, I guess.Audrey Hamilton: Looking for and successfully finding love is not easy for most people.



His research continues to focus on interpersonal relationships and how to translate compelling findings from laboratory studies into practical treatments.Tashiro received his bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and his Ph D in psychology from the University of Minnesota.During his graduate studies, he developed research interests in emotion in close relationships, coping with relationship loss and growth following traumatic events.Now, if this person wanted someone, let’s say, with a college education, you’d lose about two-thirds of the remaining people so now you’re down really to just about four people after two wishes. Ty Tashiro : It happens in real life where, online dating’s a great example, where people will set certain criteria with the mentality that it’s a preference, but actually you’re just completely ruling someone out if you say, “I don’t want someone of this religious affiliation or this type” or whatever else it might be.

So you can see after three wishes for traits, you really eliminate a lot of possibilities. It actually cuts out a lot of people that might have had traits that you really wanted.

And, I’ll give you an example of how that might work when you just do the math with it.


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    “A man wants to know that he is entering into the possibility of a new relationship, not cleaning up some other guy’s mess.” 2.

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