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I didn’t have a map or directions to these places but everything was located on the main streets known as “Rodeo Street” which is where all of the stores and shopping places are located.Pierrot Strike is a bowling alley and pub that also serves a regular food menu during certain parts of the day.On the outside, Boa has a very aloof personality, but on the inside, she is very kind and shy. One Of Them Is Her Best Friend, And The Other Is Her Boss. Main Characters Dating each other was blissed until Jung Yunho and Kwon Yuri got married. How many heartbreaks before you can find your one true love? Jessica Jung is the gorgeous wife of a wealthy businessman, Lee Donghae. Because he's a famous singer and keeping this friendship hidden is the only way to keep her and her family safe but what happens when their friendship started to Yuri is a simple and hard working girl.While at a young age, she noticed how her mother favored Yoona and barely made time to spend with her. Five years into the marriage, Yuri leaves Yunho but ended up coming back after a death in the family only to leave again after a passion filled night. But her life changes in an instant when she meets Seoul’s top model, Kwon Yuri, who’s about to marry Donghae’s friend, Jung Yunho. Ever since Jung Yunho and Kwon Yuri were born, they were the best of friends because of their mother's but because of their different lifestyle, they kept this hidden from the rest of the world. She will do anything as long as she helps her sister, Taeyeon in their financial problems. What if they fall in love to each other 18-year-old Yuri thought she got everything she wanted in life: a loving family, friends and boyfriend, etc., but what happens when one day, she got dumped by her boyfriend, Jung Yunho, because in his words, she wasn't womanly enough for him, that she was weak and too girly.Meanwhile, stay tuned here at Kpop Starz for the latest K-pop news!May 5th is a national Holiday in Korea known as Children’s Day.Taeyeon from Girls Generation and IU has fought over the musician Hong So Jin on Valentine's Day. IU and Taeyeon have expressed their appreciation towards the musician Hong So Jin on his Instagram picture on Valentine's Day Tuesday, reports Korea Portal.IU was the first to comment on Jin's picture, wishing that that Jin would play in her concerts.

Boa attends her first year of college at the University of Washington majoring in medicine so she can become a surgeon like her mother and sister. Goodbye and What Happens When 2 Guys Fall In Love With A Girl Who Doesn't Believe In Love?

Inexplicable angst romance snsd taeyeon exo baekhyun. Dating for Nine Months, Drew Barrymore Is Set to Wed for the Fourth Time. She Doesnt Keep In Touch With Some SNSD Members, Addresses Pregnancy Rumor. Earlier today, a picture of Mina and Bam Bam surfaced online and sent fans and the public alike into a frenzy – get JYPs side of things on.



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