Nick joans and selena gomez dating military veteran dating

Though Kevin and Joe each have girlfriends, it looks like this will be one lonely Valentine's Day for 16-year-old Nick.

The youngest of the trio admitted that he's single.

The Jo Bros also made their first appearance on last night.

And Letterman actually got them to open up a bit about their past loves!

But the 29-year-old socialite appeared to have forgotten all her fashion rules yesterday when she stepped out in Los Angeles wearing a pair of black leggings which turned sheer under the glare of hundreds of flashbulbs.

However, the hotel heiress seemed unaware of her fashion faux pas, and merrily loaded hundreds of shopping bags into her car following a shopping trip with mother Kathy and sister Nicky.

In a recent interview with Capital FM’s Max Akhtar, the 22-year-old singer was asked to discuss the possibility of him dating Selena and fellow singer girls, who I love.

The Jonas Brothers are three guys who shouldn't have any trouble finding themselves a Valentine.


Unfortunately for the lovely and talented Selena Gomez, Nick admits he's currently single. When asked by a fan on if the boys were dating anyone, both Joe and Kevin had "no comment" about their dating lives.I wasn’t able to enjoy [the episode] when it came out." But now?


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