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This is ripping off a tenant who have not idea what they will be facing for the next 12months in this property.I am very angry with this matter because the tenancy board including consumer affairs have limited power to help "good tenant" with they are facing with "Bad" agent and owner. I would totally disagree that tenant protection laws are neutral here in Australia.Each state, except Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory, has its own Rental Bonds office, and maximum rates for the rental bonds differ according to the rent, type of tenancy agreement and state where the tenancy takes effect.Where a fixed term tenancy expires and the tenant does not evacuate the premises, the tenancy is transformed into a periodic tenancy in all states, except in New South Wales, where there is automatic renewal on the same terms and conditions as before.Finally, it introduced is a new emergency order mechanism for either landlord or tenant to terminate the agreement, and a 28 days notice to quit or vacate the property for both landlord and tenant.In 2002 Victoria amended its Residential Tenancies Act 1997 to require 60 days notice for a proposed rent increase, the rent not to be increased at intervals of less than 6 months; a right of entry for the landlord after the end of the first three months of tenancy; and payment of bonds before occupancy.

Rents can be freely negotiated, but increases are subject to review by a Tribunal provided the tenant makes an application.Search for journal articles on contract law topics in law and general academic journal article databases.


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